SparePartsPlace Viewer

The Spare Parts business is essentially an important area for all suppliers of devices, machinery and equipment. At the same time the providing of needed documentation causes high costs: drawings must be created, supplemented with meta-data and provided in digital or printed form - this is a time-, resource- and cost factor not to be underestimated.

Video tutorial

Our video tutorial will guide you through the application and show you how to use it effectively.

Menu screen

The menu screen offers several online and offline assemblies depending on the current login data. If you run the application for the first time offline data will not be available (offline data is avaible when downloading an online model).
You can use the navigation buttons or click and drag the currently shown image to select one of the available assemblies.
Online assemblies
Offline assemblies
View selected assembly
Change login account
This button opens a login dialog which let you choose the data of a specific company if you got an account earlier. If your credentials aren't valid the default demo account is used.
Download and save assembly (online only)
Remove assembly (offline only)

Viewer screen

The viewer screen is separated into 4 main areas:


Navigation and assembly icons:
Open the root assembly
Open the parent assembly
Open the selected assembly
Opens the browser view
Opens the attachment view
 Hide/show the assembly/part list
Add assembly/part to the shopping cart
Show the shopping cart
Center view to show the entire assembly
Center view to the selected assembly/part
 Render transparent/opaque
 Fullscreen/window mode (on mobile devices: full/half resolution)
Show help

Assembly/part list

By clicking/tapping the text area you select/deselect the assembly/part. If an assembly/part is selected an additional preview window is opened.

Mobile devices only:
If you swipe within the text area you can scroll through the entire list.

You can hide/show an item by clicking/tapping on the assembly/part image.
A double click toggles the visiblity of all assemblies/parts
Item is a non buyable assembly
Item is a buyable assembly
Item is a non buyable part
Item is a buyable part
Assembly/part is invisible

Work area

Use the main screen to rotate the entire assembly. A double click selects the assembly/part under the mouse/finger (mobile devices: this selection is realized with bounding boxes and may not be as accurate as on intel based systems). When in opaque mode the selected part/assembly is highlighted in green color. When is transparent mode only the selection is rendered opaque and all other parts are rendered transparent.
Use the mouse wheel or pinch vertical on mobile devices to change the cameras distance to the assembly.
Use the mouse wheel and shift or pinch horizontal on mobile devices to explode/implode the current assembly.
Systems with keyboard and mouse:
Holding the left shift key and pressing/holding the left mouse button activates the area-selection mode. This mode zooms closer to the model than zoomnig with the mouse wheel.


The statusbar shows information about the selected assembly/part. If no item is selected the information refers to the currently loaded assembly.

Available versions

The SparePartsPlaceViewer is currently available for:
The web version supports following Windows/OSX browsers:
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